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the discouragement factor

In the absence of a stressor, it could be difficult to finish our online training. This reality remains valid even though the current context has greatly limited distractions and favored uselfull and digital activities. The user experience of eLearning platforms is generally designed with reference to the world of the school or training center. 

Is this mimicry relevant in relation to the difficulty of completing the educational process? Does it create stimulating interactions for the beneficiary? Does their mixed record, compared to face-to-face formats, mark an unsurpassable horizon for online learning?

Research and learnings

Big cake, small pieces...

Virtual education has many advantages, the first is that it simplifies accessibility to the content for more (and each) customers, at a low marginal cost for the producer. But it « dries up » the emulation while the human exchanges in presencial tend to increase it. This emulation, this incorporated interest in content is a powerful lever for learning. Unable to rely on these « natural » factors, edTech applications must innovate towards specific interaction mechanics. As circumstances push for a utilitarian approach to online or distance learning, virtual learning applications must instead succeed in occupying new areas of our lives.

First of all, training is no longer a simple constraint to access a job, but a permanent evolution access, allowing each of us to realize ourselves, « to become who we are ». Thus, the notion of competence has evolved a lot. Skills deemed to be « professional » are in demand today as a means of personal development. And more and more companies, aware of the importance of considering employee CVs as a technical specification sheet, value the more organic characteristics, the singularities of the individuals making up their teams.


Learning is the new entertainment!

‘Kern’  is an advanced exploration prototype of application offering learners and trainers a platform that meets there current needs. 

On one hand, it relies on long-term support rather than intense and exhausting cramming sessions. For many reasons well known today, ad hoc learning breeds superficial understanding. Conversely, frequent interactions with little but regular pieces of content promotes deeper learning. Kern therefore offers a catalague that provides knowledge to be acquired in a micro-educational mode. Based on the user’s expectations, the system defines a daily program of a few minutes. The pedagogique progression is adapted to the rhythm specific to the user. Not restricted by a linear sequencing, Kern propose recalls and alternative explanations depending on each users needs. Someone want to progress quickly on a « discover » mode, some other prefer to learn deeper: Kern fits!


a platform to bring teachers and learners together

Kern, as a service, is not positionned in the niche of utility applications. The contents are designed and distributed so they try to conquest the field of digital entertainment. Thanks to a cyclical interaction, a division of small  content units and a gamification of these contents, the learning activity can become a playful game of self-improvement, and as such tends to concurrence the distractive applications.

Designed from the outset as a two-entry platform (learner / trainer), it offers mentors a composition framework suitable for creating and disseminating – or even monetizing – their content in a more impactful and interactive way.


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